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An ICT Total Solutions Company ZEXELON

Zexelon is the company that is always at the forefront of dynamic environments where everyone can connect to networks anywhere and at any time.

As an ICT total solutions company, ZEXELON proposes optimal solutions to customers by innovating and combining the various services, knowledge, and technology, we have accumulated and that can only be found in a communications device manufacturer.
We firmly believe that we are able to provide new opportunities and tailor-made, innovative solutions that best suit the diverse business needs of our different customers.

Since our founding, we have steadily expended both our business and it’s reach into a growing number of business areas. We have done so via the creation of original, innovative technology based on our leading-edge capabilities as a communications devices manufacture.

Currently, we are developing a diverse array of businesses as an ICT total solutions company. These range across areas such as: network device development, design, production and sales, to OEM and ODM, ISP, the construction of telecommunication installations, the construction of electric installations, maintenance support and personnel support.

Taking the ‘Zexelon spirit’ as our guiding principle, we continue to work vigorously as a corporate group, in order to further evolve as a dynamic, forward-looking company that will continue to provide first-class assistance and support to our customers in the future.
We thank you for your continued encouragement and support, going forward.

Chief Executive Officer Kazuhiko Nakagawa

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